1. Let me go/She’s just fine
Felton 45RPM (1964)Soul Senders
2. Tough Break/Look out baby
Felton 45RPM (1964) Snakedoctor
3. Just can’t fake it/Ain’t so much
Summers 45RPM (1965) Voo Doo Daddy
4. Ohhhh, My soul/Done got tired
Regal 45RPM (1965) The Decisiples
5. Been away too long/Shoe Soul
Action 45RPM (1966) Decisiples of Blues
6. Lonely Bop/ Back Beach Road
Action/A&M 45RPM (1966) Decisiples of Soul
7. Southern Bell Blues/Cuttin’ up

     Baytone 45RPM (1967) King James & Royals
8. Gonna drop it on ya/Hey Now!

     Sonic 45RPM (1967) Kingsnakes
9. Too long gone/Come on back, Baby
Addco 45RPM (1968) IcehouseBlues Band
10. B.Y.O.

      Advent LP (1971) Icehouse Blues Band
11. This Band Just Won’t Behave

       ABC Dunhill LP (1972) Icepick James and the Rattlesnakes
12. "Here We Go, Baby"
Continental LP (1974) Icehouse Blues Band
13. "Can’t Get Goin"
         LP (1975) Icehouse Blues Band
14. "This Band Just Won’t Behave"
Icepick 7"ep (1981) James Harman Band
15. "Thank You Baby"

        Enigma LP (1983) James Harman Band
16. "Strictly Live in ‘85"
Rivera LP, CD & tape (1985) James Harman Band
17. "Those Dangerous Gentlemens"
Rhino LP, CD & tape (1987) James Harman Band
18. "All night boogie" / Just as well to kill me"

        Rivera a blue vinyl 45RPM (1987) James Harman Band
19. "Extra Napkins…strictly the blues"
Rivera LP & tape (1988) James Harman Band
20. "Strictly Live in ‘85"
Rivera CD, LP & tape (1990) James Harman Band
21. "Do Not Disturb"
Black Top CD/tape (1991) James Harman Band
22. "Two Sides To Every Story"
Black Top CD/tape (1993) James Harman Band
23. "Cards on the Table"
Black Top CD/tape (1994) James Harman Band
24. "Black & white"
       Black Top CD/tape (1995) James Harman
25. "Icepick’s Story"

        Continental CD (Holland) (1996) James Harman
(a dutch compilation of BT releases)
26. "Extra Napkins vol I"
Cannonball CD/tape (1997) James Harman
27. "Takin’ Chances"

        Cannonball CD/tape (1998) James Harman
28. "Mo’na’kins, Please! (E.N.Vol II)"
Cannonball CD (1999) James Harman band & buddies
29. "Lonesome Moon Trance"
Gulf Coast/Pacific Blues CD (2003) James Harman

30. "Live at "Little Village" Volume One"
Gulf Coast Records CD (2012) James Harman's Bamboo Porch  
31. "Bonetime"
Electro-Fi CD (2015) James Harman