James Harman's Bamboo Porch Revue on San Diego City College radio

Jazz 88.3 public Jazz radio at San Diego City College, TBA, San Diego , CAlifornia

JAMES HARMAN'S BAMBOO PORCH REVUE will perform live for Jazz 88.3, the non-profit, public Jazz & Blues radio station at San Diego City College. the live show will be aired Saturday , December 14, 2013. They have a weekly audience of over 100,000 and listeners around the world via Internet and mobile phone apps (over 110,000 downloads of their iPhone app, alone). Their  supporting members are invited, monthly, to a live radio show called "Jazz Live" wherein they feature the greats of jazz and blues, live on their City College. The concert is broadcast and streamed and is part of the instructional program. Every December they celebrate the longest running blues show west of the Mississippi, “Every Shade of Blue,” which airs every Saturday night. That celebration includes inviting a renowned Blues performer to our Jazz Live stage. Past performers have included Big Bill Morganfield, Guitar Shorty, Janiva Magness and Smokin' Joe Kubek w/ B'nois King. This year’s show is on December 10 and marks the 30th anniversary of T’s “Every Shade of Blue.”,  so they decided to book James Harman's Bamboo Porch Revue to perform the 90-minute radio show in front of their live audience and then to broadcst it to thr world the following Saturday. What a party!!!!!!

TBA Age limit: All ages